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                  NJ Makers Day Event 2021


Saturday, March 20th @ 10:30am-2:30pm

We are excited to announce that this year's NJ Makers Day event will offer in person and remote experiences.  Keep an eye on this page as we add programs here for the event. All programs will require registration and we strongly urge you to contact the library before walking into the building on Saturday, March 20th.  We look forward to our patrons joining us in exercising our tinker and creative sides in a way that brightens everyone's day!


Scratch Stories

Design and animate a scene from a story using Scratch coding.  Never coded before? It's not as scary as you might think!

Visit our Digital Children's Room for challenge instructions and a Scratch tutorial!


Kids Custom Artwork Button

Create your own button!  Use your own handmade artwork or provide us with digital artwork to put on your custom button.  Don't want to take part in person? No problem!  Give us your design ahead of time and we'll create it for you.  Just ask how when you register for the program.


Paintable 3D Badge

Using our 3D printer we have created 3D badges for you to paint!  Don't want to do it here?  You can take one home with you instead. 

Just ask how when you register.


Adult/YA Button Making

Call to register for a time slot to make your own button!  Each patron can make their very own button with blank templates we will have, pictures you can color, or choose from a large selection of provided pictures/graphics.

Patrons can also get their pictures or images turned into buttons!  We ask for those interested in getting personalized buttons like this to mention it at the time of registration. We will contact you about making a personalized button just for you!


3D Printer Demo

Join our IT Specialist in a 3D printing seminar that will cover the basics of bringing 3D models to life. Watch a live printing demonstration of a small rocketship or a customized badge showing a phase of the moon.  Provided painting materials will help bring color to your creation or you can take it home and paint it there.  Be sure to register early!



New Jersey Makers Day Live!

A free livestream event over the course of two days (March 19-20, 2021), featuring Inspiring Innovators and virtual hands-on making and STEM workshops for families and individuals of all ages. We hope this event will inspire NJ residents to explore, learn, and create with us, in celebration of New Jersey Makers Day.

This free, live-streamed event will be available in a number of virtual locations including:



New Jersey Makers Day website

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